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Friday, January 13, 2012

Rootstime Belgium Review of Gettin' By

Rootstime Gettin' By Review Link (Click Here)

Translation is not the best but you get the idea.

In 2010 we first heard of "Walker Fields', the musical project of Brad Senne, a versatile musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This happened when using the release of his first album "Sky Falls In", which yielded him in the press comparisons with the music of Woody Guthrie, to whom the property as a tribute CD was dedicated.

His sound is based on a mix of folk music and Delta blues, with songs that are placed under the supervision of an acoustic guitar and harmonica. The recently released album "Gettin 'By" is his second studio album containing thirteen new songs all of which he himself has composed for this CD.

Brad Senne says about himself that this album was inspired by the sound of the black country blues and delta blues singer and guitarist Mississippi Fred McDowell. In 1972 at the age of 68 from cancer deceased artist Bonnie Raitt has learned to play slide guitar and his song "You Gotta Move" was found on the album "Sticky Fingers" in 1971 of 'The Rolling Stones.

But other delta blues artists inspired "Walker Field" to create "Gettin 'By" pure roots album that also repeatedly reminds the sound that we know better' Seasick Steve '. Opening track "Real Loving Kind" is a song that has 'Seasick Steve' could be brought and the subsequent tracks "Soak It In" and "Long Way Home" exhibit similar characteristics. For the somewhat older music lovers among you, so may be our own Belgian hippy sixties sound and Ferre Grignard as a reference state for the songs "Walker Fields" on this CD brings.

Brad Senne on stage everything themselves, yet his music sounds like a full orchestra plays a part, which is a great merit to this musician can be attributed. One point of criticism could be that some too little variation in the songs offered, but a softer blues ballad like "Back To The Beginning" or sober spent last song "Hold The Sun" could use a little intends to resist that feeling.

The retrospective nostalgic fans of acoustic Delta blues brought old-style will surely have fun enough for the album "Gettin 'By" this, "Walker Fields'. And that's the ultimate reason that it's all for such performers do.

(valsam)  Rootstime, Jan 2012
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